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Dr. Abhay Chhallani is a highly experienced orthopedic surgeon specializing in hip and knee replacement surgeries. Here is some information about his background and practice:

Collaboration with Anesthetists and Rehabilitation Experts:

He works closely with a team of the best anesthetists and rehabilitation experts. This collaborative effort ensures that patients receive holistic care, from the Before Surgery , initial stages of surgery, through the recovery process, and into rehabilitation.

Extensive Experience:

He has a wealth of experience, having successfully performed over 10,000 hip and knee replacement surgeries. These procedures have significantly improved the mobility and overall quality of life for his patients.

Research Involvement:

He is actively involved in research and has published over 15 studies in various national and international journals. His contributions to orthopedic knowledge have helped advance the field and improve patient care.

Hospital Affiliations:

He is affiliated with prominent hospitals, which ensures that his patients have access to advanced medical facilities and services. This affiliation helps provide a comprehensive and high-quality healthcare experience.

Convenient Patient Consultations:

Patients can conveniently consult with Vardhman Ortho and Gyne Clinic , Seawoods, Navi Mumbai. This clinic offers accessible and high-quality orthopaedic care, making it easier for individuals to seek his expertise.

Dr. Abhay Chhallani’s dedication to orthopaedic surgery and his substantial experience in hip and knee replacements, along with his collaborative efforts with anaesthetists and rehabilitation experts, make him a trusted expert in the field. His commitment to research and affiliation with reputable hospitals further demonstrate his dedication to providing the best possible care to his patients.